Smart Community Solution

Leadtek offers an integrated video surveillance solution for residences, buildings and public areas. The solution can be installed at driveway entrance, building lobbies, elevators and office entrance etc. It taps on mobile technology to give residents a safer and convenient modern lifestyle.
Leadtek's video surveillance solution is first in the industry to support SIP communication protocol. It can easily integrate with existing SIP communication system and connect to residents’ video phones to achieve maximum surveillance performance.

Retail POS Solution

Businesses like supermarket, convenient store and gas stations are often targets of shoplifting and thefts, causing these businesses to incur unnecessary losses. Leadtek surveillance solution allows these business owners to monitor the activities of their customers and employee to safeguard these businesses. Owners can even remote monitor their businesses or even manage hundreds or even thousands of stores easily from the head office.

Large Factory Solution

High walls and fences are traditionally used to protect factories but cannot deter illegal trespassers. Leadtek surveillance solution can provide strict surveillance both inside and outside of the factory with layers of protections 24 hours to ensure the safety of employees and protect the properties of the factory.

Hospital and Medical Center Solution

Leadtek surveillance system can be used for healthcare monitoring. Family members can check on the status of the patients or babies through IP cameras installed in ward rooms without the need to visit or stay in the hospital.
In addition, if there is an unauthorized attempt from access control cards trying to enter restricted areas of the hospital, the system will also notify the management center through email, audio or amor WATCHER APP. At the same time, the video data can be backup onto remote storage location and guarantee the safety of patients and staff, and also protect the properties of the hospital or medical facility.

Bank and Office Solution

Institutions such as banks and office buildings have lots of people commuting for business and extra care has to be taken to ensure the safety of these people within these institutions, especially after 911 incident. Professional video surveillance from Leadtek allows video recording 24 hours simultaneously, detect abnormal behaviors and alert security services before any harm is caused NVRs to record and view surveillance footage recorded by 24-hour IP cameras simultaneously.

Leadtek SIP NVR series

Leadtek SIP NVR series

Leadtek SIP NVR series provides 4, 8 & 16 bay models for large storage usage, also supports SIP protocol for video phone application...

Leadtek IP CAM series

Leadtek IP CAM series

The complete Leadtek IP CAM range provides Full HD video resolution with realtime video frame rate...


central management system

The 128-channel central management system is a complete Turnkey Solution that allows you to easily have centralized management and configuration of NVR ...



Including H.264 video server, card reader and DI/DO convertor, the alarm system can be connected with Leadtek NVR system and protect your life from any potential risk...